Web Services: Bringing Business Online

Transactional web-based services, like desktop software, allow people to interact with a system, update, save, process, access and manage information with the additional benefits of universal availability and integration of the internet.
Business Problem: A printing and imaging business wanted to expand their target market by offering an online service that allows people to create and order posters.

Solution: MediaSculpt developed a highly interactive web portal with ecommerce facility. The system we built integrates open source software modules with our document and xml management libraries to produce a very cost effective system.
Business Problem: A niche exists in the Australasian market for an online investment tool to provide analysis and reporting for managed funds.

Solution: MediaSculpt have created a tool that is intuitive to use and can be accessed by the public through an interactive web service. In creating this service we integrated a reusable mathematics library to improve the speed of development.
Business Problem: A community agency required a means by which to record and manage information relating to a government pilot project.

Solution: MediaSculpt developed a web service that allows users to easily navigate, update and manage data with versioning and workflow. We have had significant praise for the intuitive usability of this service from both our clients and the public.

Additionally MediaSculpt provided a dynamic web site that allows the public to browse a directory of services and allows external organisations to update their details.
Business Problem: A tertiary education provider required a way to manage publication details from their staff in a systematic way.

Solution: MediaSculpt built a web service that allows users to record publications searching from a database of 40,000 journals.
Business Problem: Our Corporate Credit Rating client required a means to populate their analysis engine with company financial data from global data sources.

Solution: MediaSculpt built a data bridge between two web services that translates and validates data real-time. The bridge utilises XML messaging and data translation technologies.
Business Problem: A corporate credit rating agency with an excel based calculation engine wanted to deliver their service in an accessible and swift manner. Major requirements for this client were accuracy consistency of output, speed and security.

Solution: MediaSculpt developed a database engine to perform the complex statistical calculations and generate output reports (containing text and figures) via the web.
Solution: MediaSculpt provide ongoing maintenance and performance tuning for this database engine.
Solution: MediaSculpt developed a series of automated validation and testing procedures to ensure accuracy and consistency. Due to the quality of these procedures no bugs have been discovered in the production system to date.
Solution: MediaSculpt developed a report generator that outputs PDF financial reports in bulk.
Business Problem: A company that develops accounting software for the rural sector wanted to extend the services available from their current product.

Solution: MediaSculpt worked synergistically with the client's in-house development team to deliver invoicing, payments and reporting.
Business Problem: Planning, pricing and ensuring that the required outcomes are met is important to our clients.

Solution: MediaSculpt employs industry standard requirements, design and management practices as demonstrated by our experience:
MediaSculpt has gathered business requirements from clients and defined them in a Terms of Reference (or Request for Proposal) using use case scenarios.
MediaSculpt has reviewed tender responses and provided recommendations on a vendor to select.
MediaSculpt collaborated with a major vendor in developing an Enterprise Solution Approach based on n-tier architecture.